Dragon Pillow

Dragon Pillow, a patented pillow developed by traditional Chinese medicine

Has helped 12,000 Malaysians

A Dragon Pillow with sub-sizes
10年以上的Dragon Pillow
We only put Dragon Pillow online for sale during the MCO period. This pillow is a professional neck protection health product created by the pillow core design concept of "one pillow, two heights" developed by Chinese massage shifu after more than 40 years of continuous improvement and perfection.

Dragon Pillow One pillow, two heights Each pillow is subdivided into 5 models according to shoulder width or height, and is combined with different types of pads of different sizes configured in the pillow. Each type of pillow can provide 18 different cervical spine physiological curvature changes for users to choose, so the pillow can meet the needs of people with different head shapes and shoulder widths to the greatest extent.

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There are 5 sizes of pillows.
Dragon Pilow has a clear adjuvant therapeutic effect on the following problems
Neck and Shoulder pain
As long as you provide us with your height & weight, we can help you choose the most suitable size for you
We have helped 12,000 people solve their problems
We managed to improve his sleep and it took him a week to finally be able to sleep straight.
Frequently asked questions by customers.

Why do I get a stiff neck after sleeping on a pillow?

Need to adjust the height of the pillow, if the problem is the same, find a professional doctor for treatment.

(The main purpose of a pillow is to keep you in the best position while you sleep.)

Why does the neck of your pillow hurt more when you sleep on it?

Only a small number of people will encounter this kind of problem. Many people's cervical spine physiological curvature straightens, and may experience discomfort during the correction process. Some people can adapt to it in about 1-3 weeks. If you want To solve this problem quickly, professional therapists can help you treat the cervical spine, and you can quickly solve this problem

The height of your pillow is just right when you sleep at the beginning, why do you feel that the pillow seems to be heavy after two weeks?

In fact, it's not that the pillow is sinking, but that the physiological curvature of your cervical spine has changed, and some people feel that it has become higher. Everyone's feeling is different. You can adjust the cushion down or up to find the most comfortable position.

Can the pillow core be washed?

If you can’t wash it, it will break if you wash it, and you need to buy a new pillow. It is recommended to replace it with a new pillow every year.

Why is it not recommended to add a pillow protector?

Using a pillow protector will make the height of the pillow different, affecting the original height and making the pillow unstable.

If you sleep on your pillow, you will suddenly feel dizzy when you wake up

It may be that your cervical spine dislocation is serious, and you need a professional doctor to treat it. After treatment, this problem can be solved.

I have been sleeping on your pillow for 3 days, and the painful seat still hurts, why didn't it improve?

The main purpose of the pillow is to keep you in the most suitable position when you sleep. If there is a dislocation of the joint, we have to solve the dislocation and the pain will be fine. You still need a professional therapist to help you solve it.

How long can the pillow last?

Pillows can be used for 1 year, and generally all pillows are recommended to be replaced every year.
There is no one size pillow on the market, they don't match your shoulder width. The Dragon Pillow is a great value pillow. Everyone deserves their own pillow that is a little bigger, a little smaller, a little higher, a little lower.

Think about it, if you wear a famous brand of LV clothes worth RM9999 but the clothes are XXXL Size; you are only S size. Do you still wear clothes that don't fit every day?

Pillows, like clothes, need to be just right for you. You can buy directly. Our customer service will contact you to make sure that the pillow you receive is the most suitable for you.

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