Dragon Pillow

Dragon Pillow

Patent pillow developed by TCM

Dragon Pillow

Has helped12000


Dragon Pillow with divided size

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Dragon Pillowhas been sold for more than 10 tahun
in Hwanam TCM Acupuncture Centre

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Because of the MCO
We are put Dragon Pillow
online for sale

This pillow is developed by
Chinese spine experts
The first "one pillow, two heights"pillow core design concept on
After more than 40 years of continuous improvement and refinement
Professional neck care health products created

Dragon Pillow
one pillow, two heights
Each pillow is subdivided into 5 models according to shoulder width or height
And through the pillow configuration of different combinations of small and large shims

Each model of pillow can provide 18 different cervical physiological curvature changes for users to choose
so the pillow can best meet the needs of people
with different head and shoulder widths.

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The pillow has 5 sizes.

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Dragon Pilow
is also a clear adjunct
to the treatment of

neck and shoulder pain
headaches, dizziness
insomnia, snoring
neurasthenia and other diseases.

As long as you provide us with
Your height
Your weight
We can help you choose the
Best Size for you

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We have helped 12,000 people
with their cervical spine problems

We succeeded in making
him sleep on his back for20 years
and it took him a week

to finally sleep straight.


A question that customers ask from time to time.

1)Why do I fall off the pillow after sleeping on it

Need to adjust the height of the pillow, if the same problem to find a professional physician to treat.
(The primary purpose of the pillow is to keep you in the perfect position while you sleep.)

2)Why does the neck bit hurt more after sleeping on your pillows?

Only a small percentage of people will encounter this problem, many people's cervical physiological curvature straightening, in the process of correction may appear uncomfortable,
some people can adapt in about 1-3 weeks,
if you want to quickly solve this problem, you can early professional therapist to help you treat the cervical spine, you can quickly solve the problem

3)Just started to sleep on your pillow height is just right, why two weeks later feel the pillow seems to sink?

In fact, it's not the pillow that sinks, but the physiological curvature of your cervical spine has changed, and some people will feel higher,
Everyone's feeling is different, you can adjust the cushion lower or higher to find the most comfortable position.

4)Can you wash the pillow insert?

Can not be washed, washed will be broken, you have to buy a new pillow, it is recommended to change the new pillow every year.

5)Why is it not recommended to add a pillow protector?

The use of pillow protectors will make the height of the pillow different, affecting the original height, and the pillow is not stable.

6)Sleeping on your pillows will suddenly get dizzy when you wake up

It is possible that your cervical spine misalignment problem is more serious and needs to be treated by a professional physician, after which the problem can be solved.

7)I have been sleeping on your pillows for 3 days and the original painful bit still hurts, why is it not improved to?

The main purpose of the pillow is to let you sleep in the most suitable position, if the joint has a misalignment, we have to solve the misalignment of the pain will be good, or need a professional therapist to help you solve.

8) How long can the pillow be used?

Pillows can be used for 1 year, generally on all pillows are recommended to be replaced annually.


Dragon Pillow

is a very high value pillow

Everyone should have their own

A little bigger, a little smaller
A little higher, a little lower

of pillow

Think about it
If you wear a designer dress LV worth RM9999
But the dress isXXXL Size
Your are only S size

Do you still wear clothes that don't fit every day?

Pillows and clothes alike

Need just the right size for you

Can be purchased directly
Our customer service will contact you
Make sure the pillow you receive
Is the most suitable for you to use

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