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Famous shifu help you Get better!
Hwanam TCM Acupuncture Centre,was established in 1968 by his grandfather, Shifu Heng Dinglin, and has been passed down to the third generation of the head, Shifu Heng Siang Rong. Shifu Heng has been practicing traditional massage for 14 years. He said frankly that the biggest challenge along the way is to constantly challenge his cognition and break through his own thinking. There are still many problems that cannot be solved. The family's ancestral methods are good, but with the change of the times, people's habits and causes have also changed a lot.

Throughout the methods of famous shifu, Shifu Heng has been learning and improving continuously during his 14 years of practicing, and finally formed his own independent traditional massage system Awakening Therapy, which treats customer's problems from the root!
Keep up with the times,
Thought massage should also be refined
Because the etiology is different, so the massage ideas are completely different. "When you have some fame, you will see more types of customers; you will have more and more customers, and you will encounter more problems that you cannot solve. Therefore, we must constantly learn new methods, combine old methods to improve existing massage.”

Shifu Heng said that when he first started practicing traditional massage, he encountered a customer who kept hitting the wall with headaches, but he was helpless. He resolutely went to Guangzhou in 2009 to learn the massage of low back and leg pain, and became the first student in Malaysia to study systematically from Mr. Wang Tingchen. "After learning from him, I felt as if Ren and Du's two veins were suddenly opened up.
Awakening Therapy
helps customers
Shifu Heng successively learned from many famous shifu. The learning has been continuous for 14 years until now. After long-term study, he realized that although different massage methods have different views on certain details, the bold and careful he gradually created a combination of the strengths of everyone after a long period of exploration and research - Awakening Therapy. When I saw a customer with a sore shoulder 14 years ago, we might only massage the customer's shoulder to relax it. After the problem is resolved, the customer may come back in a week or two."

Shifu Heng explained, "A lot of times we only see localized problems, but what he learned from different factions taught him that the problem doesn’t have to be just localized.” Referring to the specific massage method, Shifu Heng said with a smile, "Because I am still continuing to study in class, the massage method has been adjusted. In fact, no matter what massage method is absolute, we are just constantly improving our own massage method, to better restore the customer's state."
Benefit customers and improve technology to leave a legacy

When talking about the current achievements of traditional Chinese medicine in South China, Shifu Heng said modestly that his vision is to let everyone have a healthy lifestyle, so he will "use the most effective massage methods to make the customers get better". I will continue to work in this direction, and continue to improve Awakening Therapy, which is bound to help more people's problems.

"When I first started to study, even my father, who is also an osteopath, said that I was stupid and put all the money I earned in the first few years of practicing massage into tuition fees, but I didn't think it was a waste, but very useful. The meaning of learning.” Shifu Heng proudly said that about 60% of the clients in the South China TCM clinics are Malays, and they are probably the TCM clinics with the most Malay visits in Johor. “Most of them are because of physical pain. They went for traditional massage therapy to no avail, so they finally came to us and received traditional massage."
Founder of Hwanam TCM Acupuncture Centre
Heng Siang Rong
"I once met a customer with a headache in a South China Chinese medicine clinic. He couldn't look directly at the sun and needed to wear sunglasses to look up; but now he is cured after only one massage.", Shifu Heng's face was filled with a proud smile. Being able to successfully cure customers is the greatest achievement in his life.

"The South China Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic is the third generation of my generation. It is a great honor to be selected as the Asia-Pacific International Health Ambassador this time. I hope that I can pass on what I have learned, and hope that one day more people can master this massage. Technology helps more people.